Monday , February 18 2019


Crocodile bites off a trainer’s arm in the middle of a show

This is the moment a reptile handler was attacked by a crocodile in front of horrified spectators after he put his arm inside the creature’s mouth. The handler, a 45-year-old named Tao, was performing the stunt at the Phokkathara zoo in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand, in front of around 100 ...

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Professional Butt Masseuse Shares His Secret

Imagine if your job was massaging the opposite sex’s butts all day. I mean, sure not all of them will be your regular Kim Kardashians and Nikki Minajes, but just imagine for a sweet second. This Russian masseuse advises us on how to massage the buttocks. According to him, using ...

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Brother Sticks Up For His Bullied Sister

This is what having an older sibling is all about. If they are not protecting you at school, then they are useless. We don’t know what really happened here, but the guy is very clear about his intentions towards the person who will try to bully his sister again. And ...

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Whoopy Goldberg Called A Co***ucker On The View

You don’t go around calling Whoopy and her gang co***uckers! What is wrong with this woman. Whoopy that reiterates in a similar fashion, by asking her to get the f*ck out. We all know the popular show ‘The View’ and the even more popular Whoopy Goldberg. We didn’t expect this ...

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