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The MOST Awkward Kisses in Sports History

OMG! These people are hilarious. Just waiting for the right moment to run in the middle of the field and meet their heroes. But they didn’t stop there, they went so far as to kiss them. The reactions of the athletes are priceless! This is a must see compilation of …

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THIS Is Why Skyscraper BOMBED At The Box Office

We all love the Rock, that is not even an argument. He always makes amazing action movies and he also has a great talent for comedy. We’ve seen him do all kinds of action movies: the buddy cop action comedy (Central Intelligence), the cartoon blockbuster (Moana), the monster chase (Rampage), …

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SHOCKING: Girl Gets Molested By TSA!!

OMG! What is happening here? She doesn’t even care people are filming her! She is just ‘doing her job’. This is one of the most shocking videos of the day. The female TSA officer took her frisking job a little bit too seriously and examined not only the anus but …

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Doctor Claims Can Help You ‘Screw Like A Rock Star’

Is this for real? Only a few shots and you get the best orgasm of your life? And everything is legal! No adverse effects of anything? You are going to have to try it to find out. Meanwhile, this licensed MD named  Ivan Rusilko (couldn’t be more Russian sounding btw) …

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He DESTROYED Feminism In Front Of 2 Feminists On Live TV!

LOL! He is a dangerous man to argue with! Dude is completely annihilating the feminism idea! Jordan Peterson has become something of a celebrity lately with his outspokenness about various social issues. In this TV show he speaks about gender definition issues and especially about the problems with feminism. Do …

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Girl Attacks A Chill Guy Drinking Beer

Even Zen guys lose patience sometimes. I know you’re not supposed to hit women, but this is completely and utterly hilarious! This guy has been dubbed the Beer Ninja due to his amazing dodging skills. Not to mention that final knockout punch. We don’t know what happened there, we just …

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