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Quasimodo: German Shepherd – The Short Version

His name is Quasimodo, which, you have to admit is a very suitable name. This amazing dog is the canine version of the hunchback and recently found his fame on the internet after he was rescued from the street. This is an actual dog condition called Short-Spine Syndrome. It is …

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5 Badass Tricks From Russia

Russians hold the monopoly on some of the weirdest and craziest videos found on the internet. This particular video shows us that they are also very creative, when they want to be. Check out these badass tricks done with some simple household items. All you need are some plastic bottles, …

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Tidy Cats Gives Stressed Out People Some Serious Kitten Therapy

Stress is a serious thing that affects everyone’s life. There are a rainbow of organic and pharmaceutical treatments. Drugs, exercise, and artistic pursuits are used as outlets to relieve stress. But Purina’s Tidy Cats brand knows that there’s another thing that can help. Kittens. Lots of kittens. via fastcompany.com

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