Monday , December 17 2018


Dog Runs To The Field And Saves A Goal

Hilarious video shows a dog interrupting a game of the Argentinian third division football. This match seemed to have already been decided as one team led by a three goals margin. But this dog runs in front of the goal just as the ball is shot towards it. The ball ...

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The Wife Zone Chart Will Change Your Dating Life!

I don’t know whether this video is the most genius piece of footage of all time or a full blown idiocy. I think we need to test it out. The hypothesis is here, all we need are a few experiments to confirm or debunk it. This guy obviously did his ...

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His Little Sister’s Savage Prank Transcends Normal Pranking

Sister pranks older brother as he attempts to pull off disappearing magic trick. 20-year-old Dale is always tricking and scaring eight-year-old Shiann – and she decided get her revenge. This video, filmed in Monaghan, Ireland on November 17, shows what happened. Of course her mother helps her with this savagery, ...

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