Sunday , October 21 2018


Boy, 8, filmed DRIVING on motorway at 75mph

In the clip, a young boy can be seen taking the wheel of the car while an adult films from behind. The child is on the very edge of the seat, not wearing a seat belt, as music blares out through the radio. As the vehicles get closer together, the ...

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It’s So Hot That This Man Got Stuck In Melted Tarmac

A man was filmed struggling to walk across a road in China as he became stuck to the melted tarmac. The video was filmed in Nanyang City in central China’s Henan Province on July 4. The temperature was above 37 degrees Celsius on that day, according to reports. Parts of ...

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The MOST Awkward Kisses in Sports History

OMG! These people are hilarious. Just waiting for the right moment to run in the middle of the field and meet their heroes. But they didn’t stop there, they went so far as to kiss them. The reactions of the athletes are priceless! This is a must see compilation of ...

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This Water Slide Show Is Very Popular in Brazil

Sure the girls are hot, but the commentator is absolutely hilarious! This video will have you laughing as well as other things. The girls are top shelf and the judges are taking their jobs very seriously. The Australian commentator steals the show though. Which girl do you think did the ...

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Doctor Claims Can Help You ‘Screw Like A Rock Star’

Is this for real? Only a few shots and you get the best orgasm of your life? And everything is legal! No adverse effects of anything? You are going to have to try it to find out. Meanwhile, this licensed MD named  Ivan Rusilko (couldn’t be more Russian sounding btw) ...

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