Sunday , October 21 2018


He DESTROYED Feminism In Front Of 2 Feminists On Live TV!

LOL! He is a dangerous man to argue with! Dude is completely annihilating the feminism idea! Jordan Peterson has become something of a celebrity lately with his outspokenness about various social issues. In this TV show he speaks about gender definition issues and especially about the problems with feminism. Do ...

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12 Year Old Kid OWNS The Yoga Ball

Wow! All those jumps and flips! This dude is amazing! How long do you have to train to get to this point? And he is ONLY 12!!! I can’t even do a crunch on the yoga ball and this kid is bouncing and somersaulting off of it! You have to ...

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Cops Pull Woman out of Car and Her Daughter Goes Nuts

What is happening here?! They are dragging the calm woman out of the car for seemingly no reason at all. We find out that they are doing this for a suspended license. But her daughter won’t stop shouting at them and calling them names. Complete mess ensues before the police ...

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California Cop Drags 20-Year-Old Woman Out of Car by Her Hair

Humboldt State University is investigating the now-viral video of a woman’s arrest after it was posted to Facebook Sunday. Samantha Luna, 20, and her friends were pulled over by cops near the northern California campus. One of them is arrested for sticking her head out of the sunroof and Luna ...

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Creepy video shows mosquitoes trying to reach skin through net

Horrifying video has captured mosquitoes trying to reach and bite human skin through a net. The clip, filmed by a biologist from the University of Melbourne in Australia, shows the insects repeatedly trying to pierce the net with their proboscises, or mouths. According to the CDC, 2018 is set to ...

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