Monday , December 17 2018


Girl Breaks Guinness World Record For The Lowest Limbo

Wow! That is LOW! She positioned the bar under just TWO bottles! My back is cracking just watching this video. She is awesome! Almost looks unnatural. And it’s not like she’s barely getting under it, she looks comfortable too… At least until she gets to the hair. That hairdo comes ...

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Cutest Baby Elephant In The World Is Taking a Bath

Even Dumbo wasn’t this cute. This is the reason we love animals! He slips and slides and utterly enjoys his bath-time like no other creature on planet Earth does. Everybody’s day is a little bit shinier after seeing this cute as hell baby elephant frolic in the water. The best ...

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Quasimodo: German Shepherd – The Short Version

His name is Quasimodo, which, you have to admit is a very suitable name. This amazing dog is the canine version of the hunchback and recently found his fame on the internet after he was rescued from the street. This is an actual dog condition called Short-Spine Syndrome. It is ...

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5 Badass Tricks From Russia

Russians hold the monopoly on some of the weirdest and craziest videos found on the internet. This particular video shows us that they are also very creative, when they want to be. Check out these badass tricks done with some simple household items. All you need are some plastic bottles, ...

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