Monday , December 17 2018


Humongous Cow Is Taller Than Michael Jordan!

That is definitely the hugest cow I have ever seen. Australian Geoff Pearson reared tan actual seven-foot-tall and 1,400kg cow named Knickers on his property and told ABC News because of his size they couldn’t sell him for export. As a result the 194cm (6ft 4in) tall creature was given ...

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Microchip Hand Implants Are All The Rage In Sweden

Yep! Because Swedish girls are so hot, they do not need any butt or breast implants. But this no joke, more than 3,000 people in Sweden started to exchange their credit cards and train tickets and even KEYS with this invention. The new invention is nothing we haven’t seen before. ...

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Get Low – Indie Version Is One Weird Tune

What happens when you take a Lil Jon classic and turn it into an indie tune. Yo get a bunch of crazy guys singing “skeet skeet mother f**ker” to the rhythm of a lil acoustic guitar. They actually sound good… if you haven’t already heard the original. Hilarious rendition, gotta ...

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One Crazy Honey Badger Fights Six Lions

Can you believe your eyes? The honey badger just came our of the reeds and the lions surrounded him. Of course they weren’t there to eat him. Lions are not that fond of honey. Anyway, they surround the honey badger and play with him for a while. They are having ...

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MMA Fighter Destroys Opponent And Then Taps Out? WHAT?!

Yes, you read that right. In a surprising turn of events Mike Pantangco tapped out of the fight after completely dominating his opponent Jeremy Rasner. Throughout the fight we can see Mike throwing all kind of punches, jabs, regular and roundhouse kicks with no answer from Jeremy whatsoever. After noticing ...

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Nicki Minaj Twerk Will Blow Your…Er… Mind

She is gooooood! We all know the assets Nicki Minaj is working with. And in this video you can see how she can use them in all the right ways. And what is she even wearing there, it’s a practically invisible see-through piece of cloth. Enjoy!

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