Sunday , October 21 2018


Hot Girls Doing Yoga In Cold Siberia

Are these girls crazy or just suicidal!? They are half naked, for God’s sake!!! They are doing handstands on -42 Fahrenheit!!! What the hell is this nonsense! Two hot girls showing you how to do yoga is nothing new, of course. But these two are doing yoga in Siberia in ...

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This Flintstones Cosplay Is Next Level!

OMG! This is the funniest cosplay of ALL TIME! Bona Fide Flinstones rolling down the hill in their prehistoric car. This Flintstones cosplay video will have you reminiscing about the ghost of Halloween Past. Not only did they nail the costumes and the car, but what they do when they ...

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World Cup Funny Moments Will Have You ROFLing!!!

Pogba singing in Spanish is priceless!!! This is a short compilation of the funniest moments from the World Cup in Russia this summer. Every World Cup is emotional for the players. The more games they play the more pressure they are put under. But they also know how to unwind ...

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Dog Refuses To Eat His Veggies

Eat your vegetables! ….  No! This dog is hilarious! Do you like cheese? Yes! Do you like carrot? NO! His almost human manner of refusing to eat his vegetables prove why they are our best friends. His behavior is so childlike, it’s unbelievable. One of the videos of the day!

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Hilarious Lawrence Town Hall Meeting

During the Lawrence City Commission meeting on June 19, 2018, Chris Flowers pleaded his case  to allow massage therapists to send their clients home with a very happy ending. Hilarious Lawrence Town Hall Meeting from Brett Manahan on Vimeo.

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