Monday , February 18 2019


Life Risking Mountain Bike Tsunami Flip Is INSANE!

WTF?! Seriously?! It’s one thing to do your flips and tricks with a mountain bike. Some of them may even be defined as crazy stupid, but this one is whole new level of stupid. It’s called: risk your life for a bike flip. Would you do it? Are you kidding ...

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Paraglider Barely Survives A Terrible Midair Tangle

TERRIFYING! I would just lose consciousness the moment something like this happens. Not this dude! He’s got the nerves of steel and the skills to get out of this incredible little tight corner. It’s exhilarating to watch, but damn I would NOT recommend this for people with weak hearts. Like ...

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Tsunami DESTROYS A Band Playing in Indonesia

Talk about an unforgettable performance. You got bands that break guitars and drum sets and even jump off stage. But how often do you get a band that gets hit by a tsunami while performing onstage! This is the most legendary musical performance of all time. Let me see you ...

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Liam Neeson Threatening People Is A Must Watch!

This guy is a living legend! You just don’t want to see him threaten you! After his heroics and especially his unforgettable monologue in ‘Taken’ his style of threatening has taken over the world (pun intended!). In this video he is guest of Jimmy Kimmel’s show and one (un)lucky fan ...

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