Monday , December 17 2018


Nicki Minaj Twerk Will Blow Your…Er… Mind

She is gooooood! We all know the assets Nicki Minaj is working with. And in this video you can see how she can use them in all the right ways. And what is she even wearing there, it’s a practically invisible see-through piece of cloth. Enjoy! ADVERTISEMENT

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Hacking Expert Gets OWNED By Putin

There are times when politicians do not have a smart retort to a question. This is not one of those times. We all know Vladimir Putin, he is the president of Russia and a very rich and powerful man. The only people in the world who like him are probably ...

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Touching Christmas Ad Will Make You Reach For The Tissues

‘Tis the season I guess. And with THAT season come the amazing Christmas ads. This particular one was made by Phil Beastall, Chris Ilston & Natalie Martins. And people LOVE IT! It was made for only 50 pounds sterling! Can you believe that! It’s a touching story about a guy ...

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AC/DC Legends Are Still Rocking Out at 70!!!

Imagine your grandpa on the stage half naked delivering that chorus to perfection. Well, legendary AC/DC singer Brian Johnson and guitarist Angus Young are KILLING IT! Brian is 71 years old! Angus is 63! And they are still every bit the rockers they were back in the day! In this ...

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