Monday , February 18 2019


Snakes Eats A Porcupine And What Happens Next Is…

Snakes may be dangerous when disturbed, but nobody ever said they are some of the smartest creatures on the planet. This particular crawler, for example, will not win any award for high IQ. The thing ate a porcupine and practically committed suicide with its stupidity. Of course, the snake might ...

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Penguin Chicks Get Rescued By A True Mini Hero

You’d think a guy came out of nowhere and helped them escape. Or maybe even one of the bigger penguins decided to fight off the attacker and save its young. Nope. It was an even smaller penguin called the adelie penguin. The giant petrel was cornering them when the adelie ...

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Heroic Kids Fight A Giant Snake To Save A Dog

They found the dog being entangled by a giant snake. These young heroes couldn’t just let the snake kill the dog. Their hearts are noble and pure. The amazing intervention that saves the dog has to be done together as a team. Kudos, young heroes !

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Paraglider VS Eagle Is Some Next LVL Craziness!!

THE BIRDS ACTUALLY LAND WITH HIM ALL TANGLED UP IN THE GEAR!!! This paraglider was happily doing his thing. The moment he actually started enjoying and exclaiming is pleasure the eagles came! Two of them as far as I can see and they basically ruined the whole thing. After the ...

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