Wednesday , February 20 2019


Hunter Gets A Literal Crab On His Genitals

OMG! I know lice are no joke, but compared to that screaming… The pain is incomparable! This guy was doing his thing, hunting crabs when one of them started hunting him… or his genitalia, rather. He starts screaming like he’s being burned alive. By the time his friend comes to ...

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Having A Pet Tiger Is Crazier Than You Think

Jonas the tiger is a legend! We all love cats for various reasons, but this is like a giant cat that could eat you if it’s having a bad day. Still, the owner wants to keep it as a pet. And on all the days that it doesn’t want to ...

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Outraged Michael Rapaport Strikes Back At Instagram

Remember Michael Rapaport’s viral video of his cat? He posted a video of his cat on Instagram and soon it became viral. But Instagram thought it was degrading, so they deleted it. Michael Rapaport strikes back in this video. He makes sure the Instagram people felt his displeasure.

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Michael Rapaport’s Weird Cat Video Shocks The Internet

That is one weird looking cat. I don’t know what kind of Chernobyl-looking neighborhood Michael Rapaport lives in, but this is scary. Wow, it doesn’t blink or even care about Michael Rapaport’s shouts. This is some crazy sh*t right there. Instagram has since then taken the video down claiming Rapaport ...

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Saddest Dog Of All Time Will Melt Your Heart

That was so touching. Probably the saddest little whine you will ever hear. Not even a whine, just a poignant little ‘wooo’ that will make you cry. Whoever made it so sad needs to be locked up because they are a psychopath . What kind of a person can even ...

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