Monday , February 18 2019


Humongous Cow Is Taller Than Michael Jordan!

That is definitely the hugest cow I have ever seen. Australian Geoff Pearson reared tan actual seven-foot-tall and 1,400kg cow named Knickers on his property and told ABC News because of his size they couldn’t sell him for export. As a result the 194cm (6ft 4in) tall creature was given ...

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One Crazy Honey Badger Fights Six Lions

Can you believe your eyes? The honey badger just came our of the reeds and the lions surrounded him. Of course they weren’t there to eat him. Lions are not that fond of honey. Anyway, they surround the honey badger and play with him for a while. They are having ...

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Sleeping Crackhead Gets A Wake-Up Call From A Polar Bear

OMG! Imagine being completely sober and woken up by this creature. Well, this woman was on drugs! God knows how her heart didn’t explode from fear. And the bear was not gentle either. She could have easily died. The people behind the camera are shouting at her to wake up ...

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Man Fights A CRAZY Kangaroo To Save His Dog

LOL! The kangaroo was actually kicking the dog, so he deserved that punch. This guy saw his dog getting pummeled by a random kangaroo, so he decided to intervene. He approached the fight and the moment the kangaroo lets go of the dog, he gives the kangaroo a punch. The ...

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Giant FREAK Sea Worm Discovered Off New Zealand

Wow! that is one big organism! How it got so big without being discovered before is beyond me! Steve Hathaway and Andrew Buttle discovered it near the volcanic White Island. this is a place close to New Zealand where they usually go diving. This time they got a surprise. The ...

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