Sunday , October 21 2018


Giant Alligator Sherman The Tank Goes For A Walk

Damn that’s a big alligator! And his swagger is pretty apparent on this little stroll he’s taking through a golf course. The course is actually part of his mating territory. He goes around the course searching for prey and mates. Just imagine making a hole in one and looking at ...

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Baby Rhino and A Lamb Are Best Friends

OMG! Cuteness overload! Just see them running together and your day will instantly improve immeasurably! This is like straight out of a Looney Tunes cartoon! And don’t get me wrong, the lamb is cute too, but the baby rhino steals the show. It actually thinks it is a lamb! It ...

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Shark Biting a Man Captured On GoPro

This is how a shark bites… in case you were wondering. An 8 foot shark attacks and maims this guy. He was just spearfishing in Boca Chica in the Keys, doing his thing. This shark decided to move in and attack him. What follows is not for the faint of ...

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Labrador Breaks Into A Newsroom Studio

This is the most hilarious thing ever! The woman is reading the news when all of a sudden a dog can be seen passing at the bottom of the screen. She chooses to ignore it and continue with her job. But the canine will not be denied his attention! He ...

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Hilarious Alligator Rings The Doorbell

South Carolina seems like an amazing place. Dangerous AF! But amazing. Prime example, just look at this alligator take a stroll around this seemingly ordinary backyard. He rings the doorbell and then circles around the house as the neighbor is taking the video. He’s walking around like this is an ...

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