Wednesday , February 20 2019


Crazy Geese Destroy Two Motorcycle Racers

Ouch! Man, how do you concentrate on your driving with all these geese flying around. There was a bunch of them too. This guy in the back got only one, the guy in the front got at least four attached to him! These birds are crazy! I hope they survived ...

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How To Take Care of A 9 Foot 1500 Pound Bear

Everybody loves bears from afar. They seem to be so chill and cuddly. But if you happen to came across one… People tell you to either intimidate it or play dead depending on the type of bear. This guy decided to keep one as a pet. This particular Kodiak bear ...

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Crocodile bites off a trainer’s arm in the middle of a show

This is the moment a reptile handler was attacked by a crocodile in front of horrified spectators after he put his arm inside the creature’s mouth. The handler, a 45-year-old named Tao, was performing the stunt at the Phokkathara zoo in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand, in front of around 100 ...

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Creepy video shows mosquitoes trying to reach skin through net

Horrifying video has captured mosquitoes trying to reach and bite human skin through a net. The clip, filmed by a biologist from the University of Melbourne in Australia, shows the insects repeatedly trying to pierce the net with their proboscises, or mouths. According to the CDC, 2018 is set to ...

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Mystery As 60ft Long Dragon Skeleton Suddenly Appears In China

A bizarre piece of footage from China shows a group of villagers gathered around what looks like the skeleton of a dragon! Purportedly found sitting in a field in Zhangjiakou City, the sixty-foot-long oddity sports an ominous-looking horned skull, a pair of dinosaur-like arms, and an incredibly-long body featuring dozens ...

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