Monday , December 17 2018


20 Kids In One Car Hit Another Car And Run Away

LOL! It’s like that clown joke. First 2-3 kids come out, then a few more… then a few more… and then a few more! It’s a hilarious sight. I don’t know how they fit into that car and I don’t know if even Einstein can figure it out. But somehow ...

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Crazy Geese Destroy Two Motorcycle Racers

Ouch! Man, how do you concentrate on your driving with all these geese flying around. There was a bunch of them too. This guy in the back got only one, the guy in the front got at least four attached to him! These birds are crazy! I hope they survived ...

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How Hot Girls Change The Oil

In case you were wondering if hot girls can change the oil in their own cars. LOL! She starts out very professionally, but it all goes to sh*t very fast. You almost think that she knows how to do this… And then she starts pouring… all over! Hilarious video!  

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Drifter Gets His Car TOTALED By A Big Truck!

We’ve all seen THAT guy who drives an amazing car and just likes to boast around do stupid things. But how many times have we seen the guy gets his car completely destroyed. COMPLETELY! There is no way you can drive that car again. And it looked amazing before this ...

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Random Guy Jumps On A Lamborghini and Gets Dealt With!

Why are you jumping, you crazy creature?! The first time he got lucky, but not the second. The owner of the expensive vehicle completely dominates him. He shouts at him as he lays on the street, but the moment he gets up punches start flying around. Needless to say, he ...

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This Flintstones Cosplay Is Next Level!

OMG! This is the funniest cosplay of ALL TIME! Bona Fide Flinstones rolling down the hill in their prehistoric car. This Flintstones cosplay video will have you reminiscing about the ghost of Halloween Past. Not only did they nail the costumes and the car, but what they do when they ...

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