Monday , December 17 2018


Crazy Driver Interrupts Go Skate Day In Sao Paulo

What is wrong with this guy?! Everybody is riding around in bikes, skates or skateboards on the streets. They are enjoying the annual Go Skateboarding Day in Sao Paulo, Brazil. And they have been doing that every June 21 since 2003. Then this crazy driver comes out of nowhere and ...

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Kid Driver Pranks Drive-Thru Clerks

“Michael… You gotta come see this!” “Are you seriously driving?!” LOL! Their faces when they see the kid driving!!! And you know they are bored in the night shift so they need some entertainment. But this is like movie-worthy reactions right here. This kid decided to prank them by pretending ...

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Son Pranks Father In A Drift Car To HILARIOUS Results

Happy Father’s Day, fathers of the world! And if you happen to not really like the gift your sons gave you, check out this video. You will change your mind right away and be happy THIS didn’t happen to YOU! The camera can only be focused on the father’s face ...

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Old Man Headbanging to Metallica

We have just discovered the oldest metalhead in the world! Check out this old dude enjoying Metallica in his car. They say age is just a number, but rarely does anybody abide by that saying. Not this old timer! He loves Metallica and he is not ashamed to show it ...

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Watch This Indy 500 Crash In Slow Motion

Wow! That is some dangerous stuff right there! I can’t believe they actually survived. That is all because of good equipment. Otherwise there is no way somebody survives this! The vehicles are completely destroyed, there are no wheels no spoilers, nothing! Everybody knows this is a dangerous sport, but this ...

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Meet Letrons: BMW’s Real-Life Transformer

Wow! Somebody finally made a real-life Transformer! Who else if not frickin BMW! His name is Letrons and he looks amazing! Mind you, he takes about 3 hours to turn from a car to a robot, so don’t count on this ‘Bumblebee’ or should I say ‘Beetle’ to save you ...

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