Cops In Beast Mode At A Rugby Game


Holy cow! They destroyed those teenagers! They were asking for it too! It all starts out like an argument between cops and these punk kids at the rugby game. Then the shoving starts… and then all of a sudden you see cops tackling kids and hitting them while they’re down. ...

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Cop Yells At A Woman For Almost Killing Her Children


“You want me to seize your kids?! And to never see them again?!” The cop is angry as hell! And rightfully so. What is wrong with this woman?! How is she allowed to have kids at all?! The cop starts reprimanding her but that is not enough. Then just starts ...

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Teenage Girl Tries To Punch A Cop


What did she want to accomplish with that?! She is a THIRTEEN year old girl! Not very tough looking either! The cop was provoking her a little bit, I’ll give her that. But this is like provoking a squirrel and it tries to knock you down with a jab. You ...

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