Monday , February 18 2019


Heroic Kids Fight A Giant Snake To Save A Dog

They found the dog being entangled by a giant snake. These young heroes couldn’t just let the snake kill the dog. Their hearts are noble and pure. The amazing intervention that saves the dog has to be done together as a team. Kudos, young heroes ! ADVERTISEMENT

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Stupid Driver Filmed His Crash On Facebook Live

Where is the world going with people like this in it? I will tell you where it’s going, straight into that garbage truck on the highway. He lost control faster than the car could accelerate and completely totaled the vehicle. And probably the worst of all… he was streaming the ...

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Mom Trying To Ride A Scooter Goes Hilariously Wrong

LOL! This is like all the blonds jokes out there. And they seem to be true. This mother tried to ride an electric scooter with her kids. Somehow she got confused by the complicated mechanics and ultimately lacked the necessary skills to operate this intricate machinery.

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