Monday , December 17 2018


SHOCKING: Crazy Priest Slaps A Baby At Its Christening!!

CALM DOWN! CALM DOWN! Well, now we’ve seen everything. At least I am sure the baby’s mother definitely has. This priest actually slapped the baby to shut it up. AT ITS OWN CHRISTENING! Not only the slap, you can see he’s visibly grabbing the baby’s head WAAAAY too violently and ...

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Brother Sticks Up For His Bullied Sister

This is what having an older sibling is all about. If they are not protecting you at school, then they are useless. We don’t know what really happened here, but the guy is very clear about his intentions towards the person who will try to bully his sister again. And ...

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Famous Football Player Disguises As A Homeless Person

  The reactions when he unveils his disguise are hilarious from a social point of view. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are one of the greatest rivals in football history. Ronaldo is known for his ruthlessness in front of goal. But in this video he shows his gentler side. He ...

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Boy, 8, filmed DRIVING on motorway at 75mph

In the clip, a young boy can be seen taking the wheel of the car while an adult films from behind. The child is on the very edge of the seat, not wearing a seat belt, as music blares out through the radio. As the vehicles get closer together, the ...

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12 Year Old Kid OWNS The Yoga Ball

Wow! All those jumps and flips! This dude is amazing! How long do you have to train to get to this point? And he is ONLY 12!!! I can’t even do a crunch on the yoga ball and this kid is bouncing and somersaulting off of it! You have to ...

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