Sunday , October 21 2018


Kid Driver Pranks Drive-Thru Clerks

“Michael… You gotta come see this!” “Are you seriously driving?!” LOL! Their faces when they see the kid driving!!! And you know they are bored in the night shift so they need some entertainment. But this is like movie-worthy reactions right here. This kid decided to prank them by pretending ...

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Son Pranks Father In A Drift Car To HILARIOUS Results

Happy Father’s Day, fathers of the world! And if you happen to not really like the gift your sons gave you, check out this video. You will change your mind right away and be happy THIS didn’t happen to YOU! The camera can only be focused on the father’s face ...

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Baby Loves Hearing Her Mom Sing

Isn’t that the most adorable thing ever! I know all babies are cute, but this is a little too much. Mom’s voice is completely mesmerizing the little girl! She stares lovingly at her mother while mom is singing a beautiful song. The little girl’s mouth is open, this is what ...

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Kids’ Hilarious Reaction to Peer Pressure

Parents try to explain to their kids what peer pressure is and the results are hilarious! Every parent has a different approach but all of them try to offer some beer and cigarettes to their children. The reactions are just priceless. You have to see it to believe it. Peer ...

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One Father, Two Mothers, Three Children

“Instead of only having one parent to hang out with, I have three parents that I can hang out with”. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the son enjoys having three parents. The father, Adam already has two children with one of his wives, but now they’re expecting a third one ...

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10-Year Old Sees Color For The First Time

So emotional. I couldn’t begin to imagine what it is like for a colorblind person to see color for the first time. Xavier McCoury didn’t have to imagine either. He received his best birthday present ever. He opens it excitedly surrounded by his family. It looks like a regular pair ...

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