Wednesday , February 20 2019


Teenage Girl Tries To Punch A Cop

What did she want to accomplish with that?! She is a THIRTEEN year old girl! Not very tough looking either! The cop was provoking her a little bit, I’ll give her that. But this is like provoking a squirrel and it tries to knock you down with a jab. You ...

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Monkey Decorates a Girl’s Face With His Sh*t!

I think the monkey was being pretty clear when he turned his back on the children. But they had to go around and bother him again. He warned them a second time with screaming and shaking the bars of his cage. Kids don’t learn and neither do their parents. So ...

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Horse Rocking A Baby To Sleep Is ADORABLE!!

Have you ever seen something like this? Some babies are just so cute, even animals love them. And this horse loves this HUMAN baby so much, he rocks it until it stops crying. You don’t see stuff like this everyday. It is just too adorable to resist. The baby is ...

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Brothers Attempt At Home-Made Explosion Goes Wrong

“Don’t try this at home! And if you do try this at home, don’t tell anyone that I’ve told you how to do it.” This big brother dude is crazy and hilarious, but he didn’t have to get his little brother into it. Worst thing is, it looks like the ...

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Kid Driver Pranks Drive-Thru Clerks

“Michael… You gotta come see this!” “Are you seriously driving?!” LOL! Their faces when they see the kid driving!!! And you know they are bored in the night shift so they need some entertainment. But this is like movie-worthy reactions right here. This kid decided to prank them by pretending ...

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Son Pranks Father In A Drift Car To HILARIOUS Results

Happy Father’s Day, fathers of the world! And if you happen to not really like the gift your sons gave you, check out this video. You will change your mind right away and be happy THIS didn’t happen to YOU! The camera can only be focused on the father’s face ...

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