Monday , February 18 2019


Chili Tampon Prank Exposed With Irrefutable Proof

We all know the viral video of the a guy rubbing chili on his girlfriend’s tampon and filming her completely normal, but utterly crazy reaction. The girl then filmed a revenge prank on her boyfriend. This here guy seems to think they are both faking it and their pranks are ...

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Chili Tampon Revenge: The Girlfriend Fights Back

He completely deserved it! We all know the viral video of the guy rubbing chili on his girlfriend’s tampon. Her reaction broke the internet. This time she takes matters into her own hands. She makes him believe he was being held a hostage. In case you don’t believe their pranks ...

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Famous Football Player Disguises As A Homeless Person

  The reactions when he unveils his disguise are hilarious from a social point of view. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are one of the greatest rivals in football history. Ronaldo is known for his ruthlessness in front of goal. But in this video he shows his gentler side. He ...

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