Wednesday , February 20 2019


Labrador Breaks Into A Newsroom Studio

This is the most hilarious thing ever! The woman is reading the news when all of a sudden a dog can be seen passing at the bottom of the screen. She chooses to ignore it and continue with her job. But the canine will not be denied his attention! He ...

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The Goofiest Dance Ever On The National News

What would you do if somebody told you you were on the news? This guy had it all planned out. I am sure the story that brought the helicopter and journalists was very important, but this dude stole the show. The moment he realized he was on the news (although ...

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Hot Girl Tickles Random Men’s Beards on the Street

Their reactions are priceless! No actor in the world can fake that reaction! It starts off very awkward, but ultimately it is a very funny video. People will do anything to get some hits on YouTube. Can you imagine if a guy just started tickling some random, strange beards on ...

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Batman Is The Ultimate Uber Driver In A Lamborghini

What would you do if you asked for an Uber and a black Lamborgini showed up with BATMAN as the driver?! This black Lamborghini hides many secrets. For one, it is an Uber! Another one of them is this Batman dude! He keeps doing his Batman persona to prank the ...

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The porn prank in a train is hilarious!

OMG! This guy plays porn in a packed train to see people’s reactions. And what happens next is hilarious. People’s reactions are priceless! Everybody’s laughing like there’s no tomorrow. One of the funniest reaction pranks of all time! I mean, what would you do if you heard girls moaning and ...

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