Monday , December 17 2018


Woman Accidentally Shows Her Boobs On LIVE TV!

Facepalm! When you want to show off your new expensive jewelry and you accidentally show your boobs instead. LOL! She really DID want to share it all. And the worst of all, it’s on live TV! Can’t get any worse than that!

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SHOCKING: Woman Shoots Heroin And Loses Her Mind!

The video in itself is bad enough. But this disgusting guy behind the camera needs to be hanged! Why would anybody take a video of this abomination of a moment?! What is happening here? Are they pretending or something? Looks like the devil went into that body and was determined ...

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20 Kids In One Car Hit Another Car And Run Away

LOL! It’s like that clown joke. First 2-3 kids come out, then a few more… then a few more… and then a few more! It’s a hilarious sight. I don’t know how they fit into that car and I don’t know if even Einstein can figure it out. But somehow ...

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Robert Pattinson HATES Twilight!!

I mean really, really HATES it! Utterly despises the living hell out of this movie. Gotta love this guy. He admits when he did something wrong. In this little compilation of short moments, you can see that he KNOWS that being in the Twilight Series was not the best career ...

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Former Vietnam Vet Reveals Shocking Truths From The War

Our generation has probably forgotten all about the Vietnam war. But war is timeless. This guy’s experiences will open your eyes and really SHOCK you! Hearing his story will really make you think about the culture shock, but also of how the young people experienced the war in Vietnam. This ...

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