Sunday , October 21 2018


Why Giving A 10 Year Old An AK-47 Is A Terrible Idea

We saw monkey with an AK47…that was a bad idea as he started to shoot at the people. This is also an extremely bad idea,as she shoots and can’t keep the gun straight because of the recoil. She ends up shooting all around.Lucky that nobody got hurt. ADVERTISEMENT

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Magician Stabbed Woman’s Hand Live On Polish TV in the Morning

Breakfast show viewers in Poland were left in shock as a simple trick went horribly wrong on live TV. The show is called “Question For Breakfast”, and presenters Marzena Rogalska and Tomasz Kammel invited magician Pan Ząbek to get some magic into the show. Ząbek was performing a kind of Russian Roulette trick ...

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Woman Arrested After Giving Birth To Corpse’s Baby

A lady was arrested as of late after a DNA test discovered that her infant baby was considered from a dead man. Kristen Burrows from Kansas City was working at the Jackson County medical examiner when she got a tad bit furious around a person that she had to post-mortem ...

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Guy Loves Shooting His Wife With Nerf Gun

While it is supposed to be a kids toy, even adults love it.This guy loves it so much,that he is shooting at his wife all the time – shooting the Nerf gun. Either he is getting ready to divorce or he is just doing this to record and make money ...

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Alexa turns self off when asked about NSA

Extremely creepy reaction when Alexa is asked if the NSA is spying on us or not. Notice that Alexa answers every other question and replies if she doesn’t know. Everyone should try this for themselves. So the reply is very simple.They are watching.Ofc they do.They have to know everything what ...

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