Wednesday , February 20 2019


UPS Driver Caught Opening Packages And Stealing Contents

That guy had probably ruined countless Christmases like this. Good thing they caught him! You can clearly see him opening the Christmas packages and taking whatever is inside. This is preposterous! Just imagine how many of these people there are out there doing the same thing to innocent people. ADVERTISEMENT

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Brand New Ship Almost Tips Over On Its First Launch

Wow! I can’t believe it actually stayed afloat. If this is how they always launch new ships, then I am surprised they don’t tip over more often than not. Anyway, when you see it several times, it is actually a very satisfying image. Littoral Combat Ship 19, the future USS ...

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Drunk Guy Drives His Truck Into The Sea

Oh Lord, what kind of dumbassery have you prepared for us today. Some guy got so drunk he drove his truck right into the sea shore. As the other truck tries to pull it out, you can see that it is really in there and cannot be saved. If you ...

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Top 10 Most Viral Videos Of 2018

2018 has come and gone and with it some of the funniest and most shocking videos of all time. Here a little compilation of the top ten most viewed videos of the past year. Enjoy and Happy New Year folks! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. ...

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Paraglider VS Eagle Is Some Next LVL Craziness!!

THE BIRDS ACTUALLY LAND WITH HIM ALL TANGLED UP IN THE GEAR!!! This paraglider was happily doing his thing. The moment he actually started enjoying and exclaiming is pleasure the eagles came! Two of them as far as I can see and they basically ruined the whole thing. After the ...

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