Sunday , December 9 2018


I began this film with the intent of glorifying the goodness of society after watching the video shot in a  European country where everyone gave Johannes a jacket when he was cold. I did not expect to capture so much lack of empathy. We shot all day, and came out ...

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Hammerhead Shark Attacks Kayak Fisherman!!!

A large hammerhead shark took I liking to my friends kayak while we were offshore fishing. The huge shark even  bit the back and side of his kayak and had to be beaten off, sadly I did not get this on camera. The shark eventually had enough of getting smacked ...

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Kayak fishing – fight for a tuna with a shark

Tuna gets bitten in half by shark then it attacks it at the boat – kayak fishing. after hooking a  tuna on a live bait, and fighting it for 20 minutes, a shark bites it in half , then follows the head up to the kayak and has another go ...

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