Wednesday , February 20 2019


Dramatic Rescue Of An Elephant Stuck In Mud

It was all’s well that ends well for this young elephant after it fell into a mud pit in Kenya. After wallowing in the dank ditch for up to 12 hours, this is the dramatic moment a digger saved the large mammal from a trunkful of trouble in a heroic ...

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Brown Bear Comes And Sits Next To Man In Camping Chair

Drew Hamilton was just sitting on his camping chair, just chilling. And then this bear appeared and sat down next to him, you know, like bears do…NOT! Are animals becoming more friendly or is it just this bear? Every year a massive amount of bears gather at McNeil Falls, Alaska ...

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Heroic Homeless Man Sacrifices His Life To Save A Stranger

The homeless man has been identified as Francisco Erasmo Rodrigues de Lima and thanks to this shocking footage, his brave death will not go unnoticed. Lima’s heroic attempts to fight off gunman, Luiz Antonio da Silva, resulted in him receiving at least two bullets to the chest and a tragic ...

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Hilarious Goats Surfing

Can they be any cuter? Have you seen goats surfing before? Not me! I mean, this is just what hilarity looks like. They are enjoying their day surfing a steel ribbon in a meadow. Awesomeness!

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