Excited Skier Films Rarely Spotted Mammal Emerging from Snow

A skier and his friends had an extraordinary encounter with a rarely-seen creature while out on the slopes. In a captivating video shared by @kerwynjones2 on Instagram, the group stumbled upon a stoat, also known as an ermine, peeking out from the snow. The stoat’s mesmerizing fur, transitioning from winter white to summer brown, fascinated the skiers, who couldn’t contain their excitement at witnessing such a unique sight.

Similar encounters with these elusive creatures have left others in awe. One person shared their story of a charming ermine presenting them with a freshly caught mouse, showcasing the creature’s adorable yet cunning nature. While many admired the stoat’s cuteness, others highlighted its fierce hunting abilities, reminding viewers of its status as a skilled predator in the wild.


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Despite their small size, ermines belong to the formidable weasel family, earning them respect as adept hunters. The skiers’ joyous reactions to the “snow mouse” served as a reminder of the wonders of nature and the thrill of encountering its hidden gems.