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Most Ingenious Parking Solution We’ve Ever Seen

In 2013, a video popped up on YouTube titled “SMART PARKING SOLUTION,” and they were not exaggerating. The caption simply says, “INOVATIVE CAR PARKING INVENTED 6 YEARS BACK STILL WORKING,” but the video of a man managing to park in a tiny spot really speaks for itself! Advertisement Advertisement The streets …

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Move the f*ck outta the fast lane if you can’t keep up

She has done her research and has expert advice in this driving tutorial. Don’t drive like a granny, or if you do, move over. It’s not your job to slow everybody down. Interesting part as usually we think that older drivers are the slow drivers.Now this Granny looks a bit …

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Trucker Skips Toll, And Receives Instant Karma

Looks like when the toll arm started to come down – as a reaction the driver steered his truck to the right. Hit the edges of the yellow barrier and got an instant dose of karma when 3 of his tires exploded. So he didn’t save much at the end …

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Tesla Sentry Mode Catches Two People Keying The Car

What happens when you are uneducated about the regular things in life today. You see, today, it is regular for cars to have cameras on them. Some of them might even have a motion sensor camera. Dude might have parked right next to them, so we can’t really surmise who …

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