Amazon Parrot Sings And Whistles Along With Musician

Loading... Parrots are known for their ability to learn to “speak” , mimic voices , voice patterns. Some will learn almost anything and some will not learn nothing,no matter what you do. It all depends on the parrot. In this video from Sertanópolis, Brazil, a green parrot sings and whistles …

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Corona Virus Dance Becomes A Viral Sensation

Loading... Well, if you thought that the corona virus was spreading fast, you should see how fast this Corona Virus Dance took over the planet. Using the short video platform Tic-Toc, everybody is doing the dance moves. So if you are sick and tired of all the panic play this …

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Divers Capture Rare Footage Of Male Seahorse Giving Birth In The Wild

Loading... Researchers Clayton Manning and Meagan Abele from the University of British Columbia captured rare video of a male seahorse gave birth to baby seahorses in the waters off Australia.The project requires them to dive and search for seahorses living in the protected waterways in Port Stephens, Australia, to learn …

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