Devoted Dog Won’t Allow Boy to Go to Hospital Alone

Autistic Boy’s Devoted Service Dog Provides Comfort and Support Through Hospital Visit

James Isaac, a young boy with autism, finds solace and connection in his service dog, Mahe. Despite his challenges with communication and touch, James shares a unique bond with Mahe that transcends these barriers.

During a recent hospital visit for an MRI to diagnose his seizures, Mahe accompanied James, providing much-needed reassurance. Mahe remained by James’ side, offering comforting nuzzles even as the boy was put under anesthesia.

Mahe’s constant presence has a profound impact on James’ life. The service dog prevents James from wandering, safeguards him from harm, assists in social situations, and even alerts the family during seizures.

Trained by Assistance Dogs New Zealand, Mahe joined the Isaac family over two years ago, significantly improving their lives and demonstrating the incredible impact that service dogs can have on children with autism.