This Cat Is Deeply Offended By The Dog’s Sleep Fart

Everybody is having some gas problems at night – and to be honest,they don’t stay inside. To sum up the video, probably this is the closest: Cat thinking: Are you just going lie there and pretend you didn’t poison the entire area? Oh, you are? Well, I’ll show you…! Advertisement …

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Move the f*ck outta the fast lane if you can’t keep up

She has done her research and has expert advice in this driving tutorial. Don’t drive like a granny, or if you do, move over. It’s not your job to slow everybody down. Interesting part as usually we think that older drivers are the slow drivers.Now this Granny looks a bit …

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Dog’s Long and Rancid Fart Makes the Cat Puke

Life with pets is not always sunshine and roses. This pet owner found out the hardway as the dog let of a nasty long fart / which didn’t smell like roses / and as an after effect this made the cat puke. Enjoy 😉 Advertisement Advertisement

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