Yorkie Has Owner In Laughter Stealing Fake Teeth

Ben Campbell bought some set of fake teeth in order to entertain himself while at home during quarantine. However, he didn’t know his furry friend, Thomas little Yorkshire Terrier, would be the one doing the entertaining with the fake teeth. “Toothy Thomas” made Ben crack up. The resulting video has …

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Wild Boar Grows Up Believing She’s a Puppy

2-pound baby wild boar decides that a very patient Lab is her dad — and he uses her for a pillow whenever they take naps together. As soon as baby wild boar Yezhu saw Biu Biu the dog she flung herself right into his mouth and kept doing it. Thankfully, …

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Hundreds Of Horses Saved By Brave Group Of Women !!!

The biggest horse story that came out of The Netherlands in 2006 was the amazing tale of the Great Netherlands Horse Rescue. A group of about 100 horses were stranded on a small piece of land when the waters rose unexpectedly after a fierce storm. The horses were stranded for …

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