Sunday , October 21 2018


SHOCKING: Girl Gets Molested By TSA!!

OMG! What is happening here? She doesn’t even care people are filming her! She is just ‘doing her job’. This is one of the most shocking videos of the day. The female TSA officer took her frisking job a little bit too seriously and examined not only the anus but ...

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This Water Slide Show Is Very Popular in Brazil

Sure the girls are hot, but the commentator is absolutely hilarious! This video will have you laughing as well as other things. The girls are top shelf and the judges are taking their jobs very seriously. The Australian commentator steals the show though. Which girl do you think did the ...

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Doctor Claims Can Help You ‘Screw Like A Rock Star’

Is this for real? Only a few shots and you get the best orgasm of your life? And everything is legal! No adverse effects of anything? You are going to have to try it to find out. Meanwhile, this licensed MD named  Ivan Rusilko (couldn’t be more Russian sounding btw) ...

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He DESTROYED Feminism In Front Of 2 Feminists On Live TV!

LOL! He is a dangerous man to argue with! Dude is completely annihilating the feminism idea! Jordan Peterson has become something of a celebrity lately with his outspokenness about various social issues. In this TV show he speaks about gender definition issues and especially about the problems with feminism. Do ...

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Crazy Subway Racist Gets Beaten Down

He was walking around the station intimidating people, cursing and then… This dude calmly takes his glasses off and knocks him out! And he deserved it too! Some people just need to be taught a lesson. After experiencing that beat down, he might consider being more polite… at least in ...

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Hot Girls Doing Yoga In Cold Siberia

Are these girls crazy or just suicidal!? They are half naked, for God’s sake!!! They are doing handstands on -42 Fahrenheit!!! What the hell is this nonsense! Two hot girls showing you how to do yoga is nothing new, of course. But these two are doing yoga in Siberia in ...

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