12-year Old Boy Built A Lego Wheelchair For This Dumped Disabled Puppy

Gracie is a small puppy, whose original owners threw her away when she was born. The people that rescued her, found the little pup in a very bad condition, covered in maggots, hair missing on her head.

The reason why she was abandoned is that she is missing her front legs, something not of her choice, but Gracie was born like that.

The 12-year-old Dylan Turley and his family adopted her and decided to help her move around, as she’s growing up. So, Dylan used Legos to build a practical wheelchair for Gracie, something many people loved, upon seeing the video below.

If it weren’t for Dylan and his family, Gracie’s destiny would have been much different. However, today, she’s a very happy, healthy dog, being mobile and playful as any other pup in the neighborhood.