174 White Foxes Rescued from Fur Farm Feel The Ground For The First Time

A lot – exactly 174 Foxes are enjoying freedom after they were rescued from a fur farm in China.

They were caged all their life as they were bred specially to make fur out of them. Which makes it a little bit different, but it is still animal cruelty.

They were let go at a Buddhist nursery until they can rehouse them.As they were not wild animals,they are unable to survive on their own.

Karen Gifford / Facebook

Gifford said that the foxes were rescued after the fur factory closed shop as they were unable to make their profits. Looks like animal activists had a victory here.

They were loaded on several trucks and transported to Buddhist Jilin Nursing Garden in Mudanjiang, China.

Incredible moment that 174 foxes are rescued from the fur industry

This incredible video clip show 174 foxes being set free in China after they were rescued from the fur trade.They spent their entire lives locked inside tiny cages, this is their first ever taste of freedom.China is one of the worlds biggest exporters of fur.Who are you wearing?

Posted by Toronto Fur Animal Save on Friday, January 18, 2019
They were all set free one by one.

Gliffor documented with pictures how they let them go into their new home.

Posted by Karen Gifford on Friday, January 18, 2019

Update on foxes and plea from Bohe for donations for dog food at her base!!! “Help the dogs around the world to help…

Posted by Karen Gifford on Friday, January 18, 2019

What a great win for Humanity!!! Say no to Fur!