32 Years Ago, This Dance Scene Left The Audience Out Of Breath

This movie wouldn’t have been the hit it was without the late, great Patrick Swayze. He was and still is a legend who will always be treasured for his fantastic dancing, acting, and, singing skills. Indeed, he was a man of many celebrated talents and numerous roles before his rise to national acclaim in ‘Dirty Dancing.’

From putting Baby in the corner to carrying watermelons, there are so many iconic moments in the dance film.

It’s one of the biggest pieces of cinema, so we were pretty shocked when never before seen footage from behind the scenes of the film appeared three decades after the film was released.

‘Dirty Dancing’ wound up having an overall gross of just shy of 214 million dollars. It won an Oscar and different Grammys for the music.

The most Iconic part,what everybody remembers and watches with passion: