Exploring a Real-Life “End of the World” Room

Every one of us knows at least one YouTuber who does crazy things in front of a camera and then posts them on YouTube. Drew Scanlon went a little too far with his antics. He has a travel series on his YouTube channel called Cloth Map. The latest episode of Cloth Map has him exploring a decommissioned nuclear base in Ukraine. While any kind of an underground dark tunnel filled with narrow corridors, pipes and mysterious doors will tickle our fantasy, this one has some very dark secrets. After some walking around, Drew and his guide Dmytro get to the room where if they got the codes, the could provoke the end of the world. It is the control room that could activate the nuclear weapons with the big RED BUTTON that we see in every movie with an evil villain trying to destroy the world. But those are only movies. Remember that in reality, there is a guy called Donald Trump who has access to a similar red button… Thanks for watching the video.