Khabib SHOCKING Interview Takes McGregor Rivalry To The Next Level!

“The Irish are only 6 million people, Russians are 150 million!” Khabib was a guest in a talk show and his conversation took this whole thing to another level. A bit too far if you ask me. He is not talking about Khabib vs McGregor. He is talking about Russia vs Ireland. OK, he beat Mcgregor fair and square, but then he completely lost it and embarrassed himself and should have never been given a belt or another chance to fight in organized events. McGreogor should have also served time for the bus attack. But that is mistakes that two people made. Two people who have fans. But I bet you 149 million Russians and 5 million Irishmen don’t even know about Khabib and McGregor’s existence. Blowing it out of proportion. Is he trying to become a star like McGregor with these comments? Do you agree with him?