7 Earth-Like Planets Discovered By NASA!!

OMG! And three of them are so inhabitable, they might even hide some extra-terrestrials! I’d always hoped we’d at least discover other similar planets to Earth and maybe even some aliens in my lifetime. Now, it seems very plausible that these 3 planets could be what we’ve been waiting for. NASA unveiled their new discovery of a star system that contains these 7 planets that have similar conditions to Earth. The Spitzer Space Telescope, as well as other telescopes on Earth were used for this endeavor and guess what?! All of these planets may even contain some water!! Isn’t that amazing?! I mean, sure they all might turn out devoid of aliens, but at least we know we have some planets that we can move to should Earth becomes uninhabitable. Now that the planets were discovered, NASA will surely throw more money on the project. Soon we will find out for sure whether these planets are the most exciting discovery of all time! I can’t wait to see where this goes, what about you?