A Kayak Fisherman Reels In A Giant Shark!


Kayak angler named Graham Smith went out into the water off Malin Head for some fishing in Donegal, Ireland.

What he caught is more than what he expected.Usually fisherman expect to catch a big fish,but when you say big fish.Nobody is expecting to catch a shark.

Graham caught the fish of his lifetime,a huge shark.Which fights without a break.

This fight took more than 3 hours.

RTE reports that the nearly 300 pound shark was a Porbeagle, and usually are eight and a half feet.

He was using some special equipment,so strong that even a shark couldn’t break it.Even more…the line that he was using didn’t give up,not even under the teeth of a shark.

Which we have to admit ,that they have extremely sharp and lot of teeth.They don’t use their teeth mostly to bite,not like the humans.

Their teeth is in more lines and they rather rip out the flesh,while they are moving their whole body.

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