Airline VS Passengers Episode….

Yet another case of an airline messing up, blaming it on the passenger, being found out and apologizing publicly. What is wrong with these people? They are making so much money and they will still bicker with us regular people for one seat. In this case the guy even paid for his seat! Stop overbooking you dumbasses! And that’s not even the only case.

In another case, included in the same video, a woman using American Airlines with her baby was also escorted outside. They even violently took away her stroller. These people are out of control! This needs to be remedied. Are there no laws for this kind of behavior?

After having an argument with the security people, he was escorted out of the plane. Of course later, he received an apology, refund and more compensation. Isn’t it cheaper for YOU, as an airline to just not overbook? Just a suggestion. Do you guys agree with the airline’s policy?