Amazing Animal Facts That Even Your Biology Teacher Probably Doesn’t Know

An Indian giant squirrel is multicolored and can be up to 3 feet long.

Shark eggs are transparent

Bull Shark Egg

Chinese water deer look like vampires.

Chinese Water Deer

Baby elephants suck on their trunk, the same way human babies suck on their thumbs

Elephant Baby Sucking on Trunk

Bearded vultures are the only birds that wear makeup — they purposely dye their white feather red with mud

bearded vulture

Cows can’t bite because they don’t have top front teeth


The incisors of beavers are orange because they contain iron.

What do you mean, they make coats!?

This is what an elephant’s tail looks like

Some kinds of 5-pointed starfish can be born square due to a genetic abnormality.

This is how big a whale skull is

This is what a platypus’ foot looks like

Penguins have knees

Some baby owls sleep like

Elephant foot vs Human foot, there’s almost no difference

Cats can’t taste sugar because their tongue doesn’t have sweet receptors.

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