Animal Welfare Activist Rescues 1000s Of Dogs From Dog Meat Festival In China

Every year the now world famous Yulin dog meat festival starts at the beginning of the summer .

Chinese people believe that eating dog meat helps the body cope with heat. They might be right/as we never tried it.

More than 10,000 dogs are expected to be slaughtered in the upcoming 10 days fest.

No wonder that the attention of the animal rights activists are busy there at this time.All year long they kill around 10-20 million dogs.

There are activists whom have the power / and the wallet ofcourse / to shut down these dog slaughtering warehouses.

Ching and Valarie Ianniello have saved 1000 dogs as of last night, according to them.


This is live. This is now: The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, and The Tree of Life – we just rescued over 1000 dogs from Yulin.

A thousand breaths that would die here in the dark. A thousand lives that would bleed like blood left there upon ground.

These dogs, they are brothers. They are sisters. They are fathers and mothers. They are children. They deserve a chance.

All life deserves chance.

The Compassion Project. If it is about one thing, it is about that as human beings, we were meant to love. We were meant to breathe life. We were meant to be – better then who we are.

Speak out. Hold hands. Love the Earth. And rescue. Because in the end, even we need rescuing.

(Thank you Tree Of Life for teaming with us to make this possible. Thank you XiaoFang and our Nanning team for your hard and enduring work.

Thank you to our Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation volunteers. Real people that left their families – to stand here and sacrifice for the cause.


#TheCompassionProject #animalhopeandwellness #SpeakTheTruth

Posted by The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation on Tuesday, June 21, 2016

This is not his first time shutting down slaughter houses,he has been succesfull before in Cambodi and Indonesia as well.

His methods including,shutting down warehouses and buying the dogs as well.After he bought them,he ships them back to the US.

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