He Shot Himself To Prove His Bulletproof Jacket Works

I generally believe that people’s stupidity can make for some awesome laughs. But this is going a little bit too far. Imagine getting yourself a jacket that some guy claims it’s bulletproof and then trying it out by shooting yourself. Do you see any flaws in this plan?! Apparently this …

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How To Take Care of A 9 Foot 1500 Pound Bear

Everybody loves bears from afar. They seem to be so chill and cuddly. But if you happen to came across one… People tell you to either intimidate it or play dead depending on the type of bear. This guy decided to keep one as a pet. This particular Kodiak bear …

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Lyft Driver Records His Ride From Hell

NERVES OF STEEL!!! Wow! How is this guy so patient! And the guy in the back actually called the cops on him! Man, this guy should teach classes on how NOT to kill people. You have to see the whole video to believe it. Ridesharing can go wrong sometimes and …

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