Super Bowl Commercial Deemed Too Naughty for TV

This 2010 Super Bowl ad by Bud Light, titled “Clothing Drive,” caused quite a stir when it was banned from airing during the game due to its risqué content. The commercial, which later surfaced on YouTube, depicts an office hosting a clothing donation drive, with employees receiving a free beer …

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Excited Skier Films Rarely Spotted Mammal Emerging from Snow

A skier and his friends had an extraordinary encounter with a rarely-seen creature while out on the slopes. In a captivating video shared by @kerwynjones2 on Instagram, the group stumbled upon a stoat, also known as an ermine, peeking out from the snow. The stoat’s mesmerizing fur, transitioning from winter …

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Budweiser Clydesdales and Dog Team Up for Super Bowl Ad Rescue

Budweiser’s Super Bowl ads have always been crowd-pleasers, especially with their iconic Clydesdale horses. From heartwarming tributes to hilarious antics, they’ve captured our hearts over the years. Who could forget the touching commercials honoring 9/11 victims or the adorable snowball fight? But perhaps the most beloved ads feature Labrador puppies, …

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