Brazil Snake Eats A Porcupine And Gets Pierced By Spikes

Encounter with a porcupine can often lead to a dreadful ending for animals and humans — all akin. And what happened to this Brazilian snake is just too painful to watch.
A video of a wild boa constrictor, also called red-tailed boa, has gone viral and has garnered a mixed response. The footage shows the slimy reptile squirming in pain after being pierced with a porcupine’s sharp quills. Reports suggest that the snake was attacked after attempting to eat the porcupine. The boas usually hunt and prey on rats, bats, ducks, chickens and other small animals and it usually takes a few days to digest their food.
Sadly, this time the unlucky serpent chose the wrong prey for dinner and suffered inexplicably. A man recorded the misery of the reptile while his pet dog kept barking at it and posted the video.
The video of the wounded snake first emerged on video sharing platform LiveLeaks and since then, it has spread across all social media platforms.
While many users sympathised with the penetrated snake, many thought it got what it deserved.