Breathtaking Gypsy Vanner Horse Stands Out From The Rest

The Gypsy Vanner line has some similarities with larger draft horses. As you can note when you see him in action, Pearlie King has a long flowing mane and tail, as well as feathered feet. However, while the traditional Clydesdale stands at 18 hands, the Gypsy Vanner small draft horse is 15 hands high.

A hand is approximately 4 inches, and horses are measured at the top of the front shoulder or at the withers. Thus, a Clydesdale is about 6 feet at the shoulder and a Gypsy Vanner is about 5 feet.

Pearlie King is known for his coat pattern, but those who know horses are most impressed with his head shape and lovely personality. It’s important to note that Gypsy Vanners are not bred for color. While they all have the long mane and tail, they can be any color, from pure white to pure black or light, dark or blood bay or brown.