Brothers Attempt At Home-Made Explosion Goes Wrong

“Don’t try this at home! And if you do try this at home, don’t tell anyone that I’ve told you how to do it.” This big brother dude is crazy and hilarious, but he didn’t have to get his little brother into it. Worst thing is, it looks like the guy taking the video is their father!! They make an attempt to conjure as huge an explosion as they can in their backyard. They do this with three ingredients: a baking tray, crumpled newspaper pages, a can (or three) of regular supermarket deodorant, some matches and preferably a big backyard. All things you can find somewhere around the house. They start with one deodorant and then they try two. The explosion itself is not a big deal, but the deodorant can shoots up in the air with unbelievable speed in the neighbor’s house.