Bulldog Pup Attempts To Balance On A Hammock. The Result Is An Unexpected Surprise

What can be going on in his head while playing on the hammock? Colombus who is playing outside in Hungary is a big fan of his hammock.

It’s pouring rain, so this couldn’t be his solution for getting out of the rain, could it? No, not at all! Apparently, this cute little fella’s favorite place to be, when it rains, is on this hammock. Well, not exactly on it, but under it, over it.

According to his owner, this is the favorite place of Colombus .It is all about to play “see saw” while he tries to bite the rain drops! As you watch his antics, it seems that he’s trying to balance on the hammock, but as soon as he gets settled within the middle he romps to the sting and slides off it.

Columbus is simply sort of a kid playing joyfully within the rain. He isn’t having trouble balancing , that’s just not his goal. Resting on the hammock is simply too boring, so he keeps tipping it over, turning it into a slide over and over and once again .