Bus Driver Braids Little Girl’s Hair Every Morning After She Lost Her Mum

Isabella was just 9 years old when she lost her mother due to an illness she was affected by .

It is not only traumatic for these little ones but also confusing to possess such a thing happen to them. Even for the parent is hard to cope with as,they didn’t just lose their other half,but have to take on all the daily problems alone.Which they never did before.

Every single morning her mother was the one to prepare her for school.Dress her up,wash the teeth,tie the hair,prepare breakfast and so on. After her passing the sole person left to do all of this was her father. Albeit her father did his best in fixing her hair, it just didn’t look good.

He also sometimes would accidentally pull it too hard that Isabella would cry. To deal with this problem he just decided to cut her hair.

We know that it is not the solution for the problem,but it is understandable that the father was going through a lot and just had no other solution in mind.

Even though it was temporary solution it worked for a while. Until her hair started to get long again. Since she was older she knew already how to fix her hair even a little bit,just not to be in her face.

One day the Isabella came home surprising her father with the beautifully styled hair she had.

As a surprise, Tracy – the school bus driver decided to tie her hair. She was a cancer survivor also and knew the feeling,the pain that Isabella’s family was going through – she took action.

So Tracy has decided that each day, after the other kids get off the bus she spends her time fixing Isabella’s hair.

Tracy is seen as a hero for her supportive action towards Isabella.

She is the role model for people to try to to something good like helping someone in need.