Cat Defends Woman From “Spiders” She Just Drew On A Piece Of Paper

This cute cat just likes to chase spiders. Not real ones, but spiders drawn on paper. To make it funnier, she sees what her owner is drawing at the moment, yet acts like she’s just seen this insect.

If she can’t kill it with her paws, the cat literally pounces on the piece of paper, which you can see in the video below.

According to the owner of this video, this brave cat has a habit of playing this game with her ‘hooman’. She claims the cat has been acting like this for years and is never getting bored of this game of ‘cat and spider’. Look at the funny reaction below, and show it to your friends with cats.

Here he is again – gonna get that spider. The owner says she has been drawing spiders for years and the cat never tires of this game.

Posted by Mg Wine on Tuesday, March 10, 2020